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anukr c poddar

I feel heartily pleased and highly privileged to get this opportunity of welcoming you on our website 'NUMEROPATH'. Knowing and shaping future, making life worthier by manipulating planetary numbers 1 to 9, had been a great fascination for me right from adolescence. My mother Mrs. Rajni Chhabra, my mentor, has been deeply involved with making numerology based predictions since last eighteen years on global level, with pious aim of helping people to lead a better life by following path of numbers. Steadily I too, developed great interest in it and initiated with Chiero's Book of Numbers, followed by deep study of case–histories and life–planners made by my mentor. I have been learning from her experiences since many years. She has been an interesting and guiding source for me in numerology, always nurturing me with details and nuances of numbers, present in this art and assessing my practice regularly.
I imbibed my confidence from her which is so important for successful learning. I entered into this field, in spite of being a freelance ceramic artist, designer, translator and art historian.
I invoke blessing of my father Late Sh. Subhash Chhabra. Also, from the bottom of my heart, I extend my thanks to all my elders, relatives, friends and well wishers whose trust in me is motivational and special thanks to my critics who don't let me deviate from the right path.

Ankur C. Poddar

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Thnx Rajni for ur contributions in the field of numerology. U r taking lot of efforts for finding out predictions.
....Suresh Ghate, Jalgaon
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